Calories Burned In Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is a fun activity that has been around for decades. Its also a great exercise that works your heart and waistline. How many calories are burned in hula hooping you ask? Lets take a look and find out.

Hula hooping, like other forms of physical activity, burn calories depending on a variety of factors. Those factors include intensity, age, sex, height, weight, and overall fitness level.
With that said, the average male will burn about 6.5 calories per minute at a medium level of intensity and an average sized female will burn about 5 calories per minute.

That means a 30 minutes session of medium level intensity will burn 195 calories. Thats pretty good for 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Hoola hooping is a great exercise because it gets your heart working and also engages the mid section. This sort of exercise is what will help melt away inches on your waistline.

This is important to know because scientific research shows that people with increased body fat are at a much higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, hypertension and stroke.
When hoola hooping, it is important to have proper technique and have adequate space. If you are a novice you should consider starting out going only for a few seconds until you get more control. You may notice soreness in your waist and hips.

Now that you know how many calories are burned in Hula Hooping, purchase a hoop and start doing the hula!

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