Calories Burned In Hiking

Hiking is a great sport for burning calories.

On average, there are nearly 500 calories burned from hiking on an upgrade in just one hour.
The more weight you carry the more calories will be burned in hiking. For example, a 160 pound person may burn 450 calories in an hour while hiking.  A 200 pound person may burn 550 calories in just one hour and a 250 pound person may burn close to 700 calories in a single hour while hiking. The reason being there is more weight to carry around for one hour, therefore more energy is used.

Hiking is a great sport and activity for burning off fat and calories.  Not only do you burn a lot of calories in a relatively short amount of time, but the experience can be fun and entertaining.
Hiking trails that wind through the country provide scenery and sites that can be enjoyable while performing a grueling exercise.  Also, hikers love being outdoors and experiencing nature firsthand.

The more significant the terrain the more calories you are likely to burn.  Hiking on a downgrade will not burn as many calories as trekking uphill for long periods of time.
As with any new exercise, it is best to have your overall health checked out by a doctor before taking on any intense hikes.  Hiking can greatly increase your heart rate and respiration.

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