Building A Positive Mental Attitude

The Power Of The Mind

The mind is a powerful force that directs our thoughts, memories, and actions. Positive thoughts create a positive attitude which in turn makes a person more approachable, relaxed and beautiful. Negative thoughts create a gloomy outlook, leading to poor diet, lack of care in one’s appearance, and diminishing life opportunities. No one wants to be around a negative person, but building a positive mental attitude takes time to create the right frame of mind. Lets step back and take a look at the average person. The average person walks around all day with a million thoughts swirling through their mind. Some of the thoughts are positive and others are negative. The problem is that people pay more attention to their negative thoughts than their positive thoughts. For example, focusing your thoughts on only the negative aspects creates a negative force that rolls into action. If one believes that they will fail, this can create a mental image of failure which is then reinforced through action.

Why So Negative?
Why are some people more prone to negative thought than positive? Well, it is commonly associated with life experience. People who have experienced failure in the past associating it with the present and future activities. The negative experiences in the past are directly affecting their current and future behaviour. The individual must recognize this negative mind set and understand the damage this can cause and once the individual is aware of the undesirable thoughts affecting behaviour they can take positive steps to change their thought patterns, either by volition or through cognitive behavioural therapy.

Understand Your Thoughts
One suggestion is to monitor thoughts very closely, especially under any type of stressful situation. Listen to the thought process very carefully. Perhaps the thoughts are overreacting to the situation. Perhaps the individual feels that they are losing control of the situation or that the situation is under an others control. This leads to a negative stream of thought. This is a good opportunity to understand that one can control their mind and thoughts about the situation. Instead of embracing negative thoughts, embrace a positive thought. For example, instead of getting angry and feeling bad because of a lost job or opportunity, think of it as a positive opportunity to explore other options, go traveling or move on to a more fulfilling career. When one starts to place all their thought force on positive aspects, things start to change.

The Subconscious Instructed By The Conscious
A positive mental attitude begins with taking small steps after recognizing ones negative stream of thought. Recognize the negative thoughts and strive to replace the negative voice with a positive one. Replace all those fearful, gloomy, worrisome, despondent thoughts with positive beliefs. Experts on the power of the mind state that the subconscious is a sponge. It absorbs what it is told by the conscious mind. Feed the subconscious mind plenty of positive thoughts and soon they turn into natural beliefs. These brand-new natural beliefs soon become a confident reality.

Build A Positive Mental Attitude
Now it is important to get started building a positive mental attitude. Get started immediately, focus on the positive and change those thought patterns. A positive mental attitude will start to change every aspect of ones life and it also helps to develop a sense of humour. Remember it is impossible to let harmful thoughts invade the mind when one is laughing and it also helps to learn to smile when that destructive voice invades thoughts. A smile helps to diffuse any type of adverse situation. Fill personal vocabularies with plenty of positive words that reinforce that positive attitude. Use the mind to visualize positive results in a stressful situation. All of these suggestions work, but it takes time and plenty of practice and reinforcement.

PMA Studies
Another approach to building a positive mental attitude is to use the power of positive affirmations. Studies have shown the students in inner city or deprived areas fail because they hold such strong negative mental attitudes about themselves and learning. Encouraging student to create personal positive affirmations and write them down on index cards, and repeat the positive affirmations several times a day. This technique using positive affirmations worked amazingly well and achieved impressive results. Keep striving forward and embracing the positive side to build a positive mental attitude.

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