What is SpinX? Introducing SpinX!

SpinX™ is a totally new and effective way of getting a great workout for a more toned and fit body. With its unique, patent-pending designs and features, you will reach and exercise muscles and tendons you have never really used before. You will soon not only feel but actually see the difference SpinX™ makes in just a few minutes of use each day – not just with your muscle tone but also delivering impressive cardiovascular benefits. SpinX is a product that involves your entire body from your head down to your feet and everything in between.

This is how it works and what makes SpinX™ so effective and unique:
The Smart Fitness, LLC design team has developed SpinX™ with two triangular discs that rotate in a circular motion created by the movement of your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulder muscles. The two discs simultaneously engage to create the circular rotational action of the SpinX™. As this rotational movement is sustained, several muscles and tendons throughout your upper body work together in unison along with your bones and joints for a unique physical workout.

SpinX’s™ rotational movement is maintained and kept spinning through coordinated, rhythmic movements of your body. These movements by your body require the focus and concentration of your mind to ensure the spinning doesn’t stop until YOU choose to.

The balance, speed, motion, and movement required to perform the exercises also forces the body to engage your brain - unlike other exercises - because you truly have to focus, think, and concentrate on every movement. With most exercise equipment you can just GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS, but with SpinX™ you have to think and be engaged every second you’re using it. This brings the mind and body together in your workout, which we at Smart Fitness believe may be its biggest benefit.

The speed at which the SpinX™ triangular disc rotates determines the expended energy necessary to keep your SpinX™ in motion. Once you’re spinning, the weighted disc at each end of the SpinX™ causes resistance using a form of kinetic energy. The 360 degrees of centrifugal force and the resistance created makes the SpinX™ harder to spin the faster and longer you workout and keep it spinning.

When spinning the SpinX™, you put resistance simultaneously on multiple muscles - especially your triceps, biceps, shoulders, forearms, back, and chest. That’s why we call SpinX™ the “MUSCLE TONING SYSTEM.” While using SpinX™ you are actually toning and sculpting your muscles 360 degrees as you spin your SpinX™ - no matter what direction you choose to spin. Because of SpinX’s™ unique design and movement it reaches hundreds of muscles and small tendons that usually get no exercise, even if you already workout regularly and are an avid sports person. SpinX’s™ 360 degree centrifugal rotational movements will reach, touch, and stimulate muscles in your body that have never been consistently worked out and stimulated in this way.

Quite possibly the biggest benefit of all from a SpinX™ workout is its ability to simultaneously stimulate and exercise your mind and body because of the mental and physical coordination and dexterity required to perform these unique exercises. We think you’ll notice immediately the invigorating feeling created when your mind and body work together to help make a fitter you.
Learn and feel for yourself the difference SpinX™ will make in your life. That’s why we say, “TAKE IT FOR A SPIN!”

SpinX™ is truly a mind and body experience unlike anything you have ever tried.

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