How to Lose a Double Chin

Face Fat, in particular the double chin, may arise from age, weight or lack of skin integrity.  In terms of being overweight, the double chin is one of the most common places for excess fat to show up.  Wondering how to lose a double chin and get rid of that unwanted face fat?  Studies show that a simple formula may do the trick.

1. Eliminate Processed Foods
One of the first steps in ridding the double chin is to eliminate the processed foods in your diet.  This means that cakes, cookies, bacon, and pre-packaged medleys are no longer an option.  Instead, reach for whole grains, organic milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Organic and lean meats are on the menu, but try to avoid fatty red varieties.

2. Get Rid of the Salt
An excess of salt in your diet may lead to bloating, which undoubtedly leads to unwanted face fat.  Eliminating salt from your diet means removing the salt shaker from the dinner table and avoiding salty foods. By getting rid of the processed foods, you are well on your way to removing the salt from your diet.

3. Eat Breakfast…Early
Your body typically doesn’t begin to metabolize food until you begin eating in the morning.  The earlier you eat breakfast, the earlier your body will begin to metabolize food.  Statistics show that people who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat throughout the day.  By consuming fewer calories, you will be less likely to pack on the weight in those unwanted facial areas.
Breakfast foods should consist of lean protein and fresh vegetables or fruits.  An egg white omelet made with mushrooms, spinach and tomato provides just what the body needs to get a kick-start for the day.  By eating breakfast you will have more energy throughout the day and into the nighttime hours.

4. Drink A Lot of Water
Drinking water not only removes toxins from your body and keeps the skin looking radiant and healthy, but also keeps your face free from bloat.  If you want to prevent a double chin and face fat from occurring you must keep hydrated.  Drinking sodas, or even diet sodas, won’t do the trick; it must be water that gets consumed on a regular basis throughout the day.

5. Take Part in Facial Exercises
Believe it or not, facial exercises can improve the integrity of your skin and help eliminate the double chin.  Opening and closing your jaw and raising your head back and forth are just some of the exercises commonly used to remove facial fat.  A combination of diet and exercise seem to work best in removing the double chin and keeping those unwanted fat pockets at bay.  It does take effort and fat removal, especially in the chin area, won’t happen overnight.  Stick with the formula and before you know it, your chin will be no longer.

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