How To Get Your Mind Off Food

It seems that many activities and cultures revolve around food. This can be difficult to stop thinking about food when trying to lose weight. We are bombarded with images of food on a constant basis. And most of the images are not of healthy food. Fast food commercials, coupons in the mail, images on the internet, and just driving down the street we see food everywhere. This leads many people searching for ways on how to get your mind off food. Lets take a look at some strategies below:

1. Understand that losing weight is not about abstaining from all unhealthy foods
Many people take weight loss to the extreme and deprive themselves from their favorite foods such as pizza, burgers and sweets. Of course you are not going to lose weight by eating these foods on a consistent basis, but you can certainly eat these types of food on occasion and still lose weight. Abstaining just causes you to think about these foods all the time. Thoughts of junk food consume your mind and you eventually break down. It is much easier to incorporate the occasional cheat meal into your diet.

2. Eat frequent small meals
The cravings seems to come on strongest when we are hungry. And unfortunately most of us do not crave veggies. Eating small, frequent meals will keep you from getting those hunger pains that lead to thinking about unhealthy foods.

3. Stay active
Idle time sitting around will cause you to begin to meditate on food. Eventually those thoughts will become strong enough and you will cave in. It is helpful to have a hobby that does not involve food. For many, food is not about being hungry. It is about being comforted or about doing something fun. Instead of using food as entertainment or comfort you have to replace it with a non-food activity. It can be anything you desire. Reading, listening to music, surfing the internet, watching movies or doing something active are all great ways to start new habits.

4. Rewire your brain
Studies have shown that addiction to junk and fast food is as powerful as drug addiction. They say these foods activate pleasure centers in the mind. Experts do say that we can rewire our brains within a few short weeks by eating healthy food. Rewire your brain and you will be able to squash the biological and physiological cravings you have for food.

5. Lose some weight
Many people who get a taste of success will be more interested in losing weight than eating unhealthy food. Many times it just takes a little success to change your life. Lose some weight and you'll feel too good to just sit around thinking about food. Now that you know how to get your mind off food, its time to put these tips into action. Good luck!

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